7 Best Shampoo for Dry Hair in India without Chemicals.

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7 most effective chemical free shampoos for dry hair and scalp in India
7 most effective chemical free shampoos for dry hair & scalp in India

As you have dry hairs you must go with a shampoo that gently rinse out dirt build-up along with providing deep nourishment to your hairs from root to tip by locking in moisture, so that you are left with dull, dry and damaged free hairs and scalp. But I know finding a shampoo with as such benefits and free from harsh chemicals is just like finding "a needle in the haystack."

In our research for safe and Toxin-free Shampoos for Dry and Damaged Hairs, I came across over 100+ products online that claims themselves as Natural/ Ayurvedic/ Herbal or Organic shampoos, through their product label. But while analyzing ingredients of each and every shampoo for dry hair and scalp we found around 93% of them (including the most popular ones) are just loaded with toxic chemicals like: Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Parabens, DEA, TEA, Methylisothiazolinone, Silicons, Fragrance and many more, which are not only harsh for your hairs but can also lead to serious concern if penetrated into the scalp.

So in this article, we have listed out the 7 most effective shampoos for your dry, damaged, frizzy, dull and lifeless hairs/scalp on the basis of their ingredients analysis and ranked them form Good to Best. All the shampoos mentioned below contains no harmful ingredients (specially suphate & paraben) and will proved to be the product of good fortune.

Let's roll directly into the list of 7 safe shampoos for dry hairs and scalp.

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7 Best Shampoo for Dry Hair in India (without chemicals).

Quantity | 250 ml
Suitable For |
Men & Women with dull and dry hairs

This is the beauty of Ayurveda which makes BhringAmla a multitasker that effectively works to repair hair damage and nourishes dry scalp.

The herbal oils present in this shampoo goes deep into your hair roots and stimulate the hair follicles, which helps in promoting healthier hair growth and makes your hair more managable and frizz free.

This shampoo is free of harmful chemicals & toxins such as Silicones, Parabens, Mineral Oil, & Dye So you don't have to worry about it's safety and if you have colored and chemically treated hair it will work perfectly for you too.

Quantity | 200 ml
Suitable For |
Dull, Dry & Damaged hair

This moisture dry hair shampoo by Omved Therapies is made up of 99% natural ingredients certified by ECOCERT & COSMOS which makes it certainly safe and non-toxic.

This shampoo is proven to lock-in moisture for extra dry scalps. It includes hydrating sugars, plant-proteins, and pro-vitamin B5 complex blended in a base of natural cleansers that provides deep nourishment, eliminates frizz and revitalizes hair making it soft, silky and shiny.

This shampoo does not contain harsh chemicals such as sulphates, phthalates, synthetic colours or perfumes which lead to strip out natural oil from the scalp. So don't worry give it a try.

Quantity | 200 ml
Suitable For | Normal to Dry Hair

'Just Herbs' as the name gives us natural vibes, its ultra-nourishing shampoo is just meant to give your hair the feel of silkiness and softness.

This nourishing shampoo is infused with active ingredients like
Aloe Vera - helps reduce dandruff as a result of dry scalp.
Wheat Germ - helps strengthen hair follicles & the antioxidant properties aid in nourishment.
Lecithin - helps to restore the natural protective covering of hairs & also improve the texture of damaged hairs.

We did not find any harsh chemicals in this shampoo which can upset your hairs in future, So it is safe to use.

Quantity | 250ml
Suitable For |
Dry, Frizzy & chemically treated hair

At this price point (that any other brand hardly offers) mamaearth has done a great job with its Argan apple cider vinegar shampoo, so it definitely deserves its position in top 4 as it consists of so many skin safe ingredients such as Argan oil, Apple cider vinegar, Vitamin e and many other effective ingredients.

Nourishing vitamins repair dry & damaged hair while the natural & toxin-free cleansers in the shampoo help in cleaning & nourishing the scalp.

Quantity | 300 ml
Suitable For |
Frizzy and lifeless hairs with split ends

Managing dry hairs can be a headache but this shampoo makes your work easier. This moisture-rich shampoo is free from nasty chemicals like heavy Metals, Triclosan, Formaldehyde, Phosphates, SLES, MEA, DEA, TEA, Chlorine, Dyes, Caustics.

The pure, plant-based extracts of indian gooseberry, sage, thyme, ginger, gingko, biloba and 100% nature-derived herbs works in combination to offer therapeutic benefits and leaving your scalp cool, hydrated and nourished.

The skin safe ingredients present in this shampoo shows its results within few washes and helps you get rid of dry, damaged and frizzy hair.

Quantity | 275 ml
Suitable For | T
hin dry hairs with dandruff and itchiness.

As most commercialised shampoos are loaded with toxin chemicals few brands like Bioayurveda are making truly natural products for you.

Your scalp loves to be hydrated from the natural herbs, not from the synthetic laboratory-made chemicals.

We found that this shampoo contains 0% synthetic chemicals and all ingredients are plant-based. Even after making your hair dryness free this shampoo is also deserves to be a part of your hair care routine.

Quantity | 200 ml
Suitable For |
Dry, damaged & chemically treated hair

You may probably ask what makes this shampoo so special to be placed no. 1 on this list of Shampoos For Dry Hairs.
So here's we describe you why?

The ingredients composition plays a vital role in determining whether a shampoo is to be ranked at bottom or at the top. This Forest Essential shampoo comes out to be the most safe shampoo available in the indian market according to it's ingredients list as it has all natural herbs and does not contain any toxic harsh chemicals by which that you have to regret going forward.

The absence of not even a single toxic chemical makes this shampoo not only safe but your hair's best friend too.


Time to sum up

Washing your hairs with a toxin-free shampoo is a must & the first thing you have to do but not the last. For getting quick and long-lasting results you are independent to follow some of the simple yet practical Do's and Dont's usually recommended by the hair professionals and expert dermatologists.


  • Massage your hair with 100% pure coconut oil & leave it overnight.
  • Only shampoo 3 or 2 times a week
  • For sometime try to cover your with cap or scarf to avoid direct sunlight and dust.
  • On your non-shampooing bath wear shower cap if you don’t want wet hair
  • Use a natural hair mask for extra nourishment


  • Avoid using hair straightener & blow dryer on a daily basis.
  • Don’t use warm water to cleanse your hair.
  • Stop rubbing out your wet hairs after bath rather gently damp them a cotton towel.
  • Stay away from styling product until your hair gets their life back.
  • Chemical treatment like smoothening and straightening results in striping out sebum from your hair, so either avoid it or space it out over a few months.

You may feel proud to know that all the 7 shampoos which we have seen above are products of Swadeshi brands and are 100% Made In Bharat.

If you are currently using any other shampoo for you dry, frizzy, dull & damaged hair then space it out for a few weeks and give a try a to one of the safe shampoos without chemicals which are mentioned above.

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